Jean Parkinson

Jean Parkinson
MAAT; B Soc.Sci (HS); H Dip. Tching
Registered Art Therapist (ANZATA)
Certified Sandplay Therapist (ISST)
Sandplay Therapist (STANZA)
Registered Teacher (NZ)

During a career of over 20 years in teaching I trained in Reality and Narrative Therapy. I completed a Masters in psychodynamic Art Therapy at the University of Western Sydney 2003-4. I currently hold full membership of ANZATA (Australia & NZ Art Therapy Assn); www.anzata.org, a member of STANZA (Sandplay Therapists of NZ & Australia) www.stanza.asn.au, and am a Certified Sandplay Therapist with ISST (International Society of Sandplay Therapists); www.isst-society.com

My background in education at all levels included supporting teachers to understand behavioural and learning challenges. This work raised awareness of the barriers people can face when their only option is to talk through their problems which led to studying creative ways of therapeutic counselling that can deepen cognitive processing.

I offer children, teens, their families and adults:
• Solution focussed counselling through Reality Therapy (William Glasser)
• Longer term psychotherapy through Sandplay and Art
• Short term EAP counselling with Choice Theory / Reality Therapy / Quality Management

My clinical experience has been in educational settings, women’s health; a multidisciplinary child protection team, and recently, working with children and families during the Christchurch earthquakes and aftershocks. I have facilitated many workshops and presented at national and international conferences.

The focus of my professional development is the efficacy of Sandplay Therapy and Art Psychotherapy; effective Trauma related therapies; current research in Attachment Theory and the Neurodevelopment of the brain. Supervision is ongoing and verifiable.

Useful links related to counselling modalities as well as Attachment, Trauma and brain neuro-development  research:

Brainwave Trust NZ  www.brainwave.org.nz
Sandplay Therapy www.sandplay.org
William Glasser Institute http://wglasser.com